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Waterproof Softshell Diaper Covers

  • Say hello to our special softshell, waterproof diaper covers

  • They are a water proof outer "shell" or cover which helps to contain wetness and poop in the absorbent diaper, keeping baby's clothing and bedding dry 

  • Our covers are made from a soft, squishy, flexible and fully waterproof fabric called waterproof softshell

  • Our waterproof softshell covers are a must have in your nappy stash for over night time nappies (fitteds or flats - keep en eye out on our blog posts about night time cloth use) 

  • Our waterproof softshell covers need to be paired with one of 3 absorbent inner options: a) snap in cotton snake inserts or b) flat cotton diapers or c) fully absorbent cotton fitted diapers.

  • All of the absorbent inner options mentioned are made from 100% natural cotton and are size adjustable to give the best fit for your baby

  • Our covers are easy to use and easy to wash in your washing machine

  • One of the pros of using these covers with a separate absorbent inner is if your cover doesn't feel wet inside and on the elastics and hasn't been soiled, then you can air dry it and use it with every other diaper change!

  • Our softshell covers can be washed and even tumble dried on low heat for your convenience

  • Our waterproof softshell diaper covers feature gentle back, tummy and leg elastics to fit snugly around baby's body helping to contain any messes

  • Our waterproof softshell covers are a large roomy cut with long stretchy wings.

  • They are able to accommodate a large range of sizes due to their rise snap and wing snap system, the rows of snaps allow you to adjust sizes as baby grows and as their body shape changes

  • Due to the huge change in growth of baby from newborn upwards, it is recommended that 2 different sized nappies are used from birth to potty learning

  • Therefore they come in 2 sizes, OSFM (one size fits most) fitting more or less from 5kg-20kg (or 3months to potty learning) & Newborn 2.5-7kg (For full term babies to 3 or 6 months depending on your baby

  • For the newborn stage it is recommended that baby has a minimum of 36 changes to allow for washing every 2 days, variety stashes are highly recommended for the new born stage, keep an eye on our blog for more info. Newborns soil their nappies more than is anticipated

  • For the OSFM (one size fits most) stage it is recommended that baby has a minimum of 24 changes to allow for washing every 2 days in addition to at least 3 dedicated night time diapers or solutions, keep an eye out on our blog posts for more info

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