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JannaNanna no longer sells our own products directly to the public. Below you can see our resellers and click to be directed to their websites where you can purchase online or alternatively contact them via their given contact info.



A mom owned and operated business based in Pretoria, Gauteng, with both a physical and online store.

Founded in 2016 as a women's clothing brand and then transitioned to a sustainable baby product-centric company in 2019


Contact: 064 820 7894


  • Cotton Flats (Natural & Black)

  • Bubble Mink Softshell Covers

  • Cotton Fleece Fitteds (various)

  • One Step Night Nappy

  • Cloth Menstrual Pads



Wahmiez was born through a love of local combined with the love of Work-At-Home-Mom items. Each effort to produce locally and source locally makes a difference. Striving to bring you more eco conscious products. Based in Gordons Bay, Cape Town.


Contact: 062 409 6623


  • Softshell Covers (various)

  • Cotton Terry Fitteds (various)

  • Cotton Fleece Fitteds (various)

  • Snake Styled Cotton Inserts 

  • Cotton Boosters

Origami Eco


Online stockist of South African cloth nappies and accessories, as well as eco-friendly & zero waste essentials. They aim to offer a variety of options to meet your eco-living requirements. Based in Durban, KZN


Contact: 068 192 6521


  • Cotton Terry Fitteds (various)

  • Cotton Flats (various)

  • Softshell Covers (various)

  • Snake Syled Cotton Inserts

  • Swim Nappies

  • Cloth Menstrual Pads



Holisteeq strives to become a viable environmentally friendly alternative to supermarkets that are usually filled with plastic, toxins and environmentally destructive sourcing and manufacturing processes.


Contact: 061 500 2067


  • Training Pants/ Pull Up Nappies

  • Micro Fleece Liners

  • Absorbency Boosters (Black & Natural)

  • Cotton Flats (Black & Natural)

  • Snap-in Snake Inserts

  • Cotton Fleece Fitteds

  • Waterproof Softshell Covers (various)

  • Bubble Minky Softshell COvers (various)

  • Snap-in-one Day nappies (various)

  • Bamboo Snapless Fitteds

  • Swim Nappies (various) 

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