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Our Products

A comprehensive list of our products to assist and aid you on your cloth diaper journey. Click below for more info on the different products that we offer to make sure whats right for you and your family

Snap-in-One Diapers

JannaNanna Basics (57).jpg

Full one step day time diapers for both OSFM (one size fits most) and newborn. These make up the bulk of your diaper stash.

Diaper Covers

JannaNanna Prince (19)_websize.jpg

A versatile item to have in your nappy stash, can function both as a waterproof cover over night time fitted nappies and flats and can make a full diaper when paired with our diaper inserts

Fitted Diapers


Fitted diapers are fully absorbent and need a cover to keep baby's clothes and bedding dry at night. Although many moms use fitted diapers in the day time these are a must have for night time.

Flat Diapers


Flat diapers are fully absorbent squares of fabric that fold into wrap-around diapers, they do need a waterproof cover. These are the most versatile of all the cloth diapers you can get. 

Inserts, Boosters & Liners


Our diaper inserts are made with luscious layers of natural 100% cotton and snap into our newborn and osfm covers to make your nappy work. Boosters & Liners are additional items you might want to add to your diaper stash to make cloth diapering more convenient and functional.

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