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Our Story


Hi, I'm Janike, the mom, owner, sewist, and creative energy behind JannaNanna. Our family-run business thrives on love, support, perseverance and a passion for creativity. I'm excited to share the JannaNanna journey with you and have you on board with us.

JannaNanna was born in 2018 after I had really struggled to find commercially available cloth nappies which fit our really chunky baby boy. I decided to start sewing using the machine that my father had gifted me but which was unused in a cupboard. After not very long at all I realised that I absolutely loved sewing and making nappies and so decided to start this business. It took me about 6 months to set up what needed to be in place to run a small side hustle taking on a few custom orders at a time on our Facebook Group.

I am a self taught sewist, professionally trained in Visual and Fine arts as well as Graphic design. When you mix that all up you get JannaNanna. I really do care for things which are beautiful, practical and well made and I try to bring that through in all aspects of the brand. I have even designed some of our own banana prints which are 100% unique and locally printed and I edit all my sewing patterns so that they are truly unique to JannaNanna.

At the heart of JannaNanna lies our family, playing a crucial role in the success of our brand. My husband has been supportive of my endeavor to both use and make nappies from day one. Over the years running JannaNanna, I have wanted to give up so many times and he has always encouraged me to keep going.

Together we have two gorgeous children, both of whom have been the inspiration for our nappies. My oldest is the original squishy JannaNanna bum! And my petite youngest helped refine many of our already loved products with focus on our new born range. The children have always been eager to lend a helping hand in the sewing room and still love being busy bodies in our workshop.

Until mid-way through 2020 I was the only seamstress and maker for JannaNanna, that's when I brought on the much needed assistance from Angella. Angella took over all the production jobs with excellence, learning and mastering the JannaNanna craft, giving me room to focus on all other aspects of the business. `We hit a really rough spot in 2023, amongst other challenges, unfortunately Angella had to leave JannaNanna, bringing us back to the business drawing board.

We have a thriving community of moms who use or are interested in JannaNanna nappies. They are constantly challenging us to better our products and we love it! If you would like to be part of our active community or find support for your journey, please join our Facebook Group JannaNanna Cloth Nappies Updates & Customs Chat

Yours in Cloth Diapering, 


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